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Our previous website was self-composed and managed by Dr Mackie and it may have been obvious that he is an orthopaedic surgeon with some (a limited “some”) computer skills. After years of acknowledging a need to have a professionally prepared web presence we started the process in mid 2016.
Dr Mackie participates in on-call rosters for the hospitals of Hobart, providing phone call advice, admission to hospital or follow-up of patients presenting with emergency orthopaedic conditions. A single roster providing cover for all 3 hospitals (and effectively the whole of Southern Tasmania) was in effect until 2012. There is now a roster specifically for the Royal Hobart Hospital orthopaedic services but Calvary Hospital also provides an orthopaedic on-call roster to its emergency department staff. The surgeons who work in both hospitals provide concurrent roster support.

Like all medical and surgical specialties, referral to an orthopaedic surgeon may involve a wait for an appointment. During busy periods some of the orthopaedic surgeons in Hobart have waiting time to see them in a private practice of more than 6 months. The Royal Hobart Hospital waiting time for an initial orthopaedic surgery consultation (other than appropriately referred emergent or urgent cases) can be closer to a year.

Dr Mackie has continually prepared for the introduction of new medical technology at Calvary Hospital. With the support of several surgeons operating at the Lenah Valley campus, Calvary Hospital has introduced the Robotic Surgical Assistant (ROSA) knee platform.