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Your first appointment

Where possible; it is preferable to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the appointment time for an initial consultation. This allows office staff to ensure recorded details are correct and to scan to computer any relevant paperwork.

It is important to have the following:

  • A valid referral (or ensure one has been previously sent to Dr. Mackie).
  • Medicare card.
  • Private Health Insurance card (or details).
  • Any XRAYs / Scans / Blood test results relevant to the presentation or medical conditions.
  • A list of prescribed (and over the counter) medications.
  • A list of medical conditions suffered.
  • A memo or written list of any questions you may have about your condition.

Consultation Format and Investigations

The greatest amount of information regarding medical conditions is obtained by a discussion of symptoms and background medical history.  Additional information is obtained by a physical examination and tests / investigations are often used simply to confirm expectations.  If the appropriate investigations have not yet been arranged or performed then Dr Mackie will usually arrange for them and contact patients by letter with a summary of the results.  Sometimes it will be necessary to return for a further consultation to discuss results or make further treatment plans.

Dr Mackie and staff endeavour to keep as accurately as possible to allocated consulting times.  Only very occasionally is Dr. Mackie delayed by an emergency operation or ward review of a sick patient. The majority of delays during office consulting sessions arise from the late arrival of patients or from patients presenting with inadequate referral information and medical details.

Dr Mackie consults from a single room, as it provides the opportunity to greet patients in the waiting room and (in many cases) observe their movements whilst moving into the consulting room.